Seven products that melt the fat

1. Oat
Oat has a power in creating a feeling of satiety. It also contains fusible fibers that reduce the cholesterol and fats in the blood. It boils slow, so it does not raise the blood sugar and creates a lasting feeling of satiety.

2. Egg

Nutritionists have been trying to restore the reputation of this product. Eggs are a concentrated form of animal protein, but without the fat it contains, such as meat. Studies showed that an egg as a supplement or substitute for toast and cereal for breakfast, allows losing more weight than a meal composed of carbohydrates.
3. Milk
It has been proven that the combination of calcium, vitamin D, protein-containing milk with a small amount of fat and yogurt without fat ,encourage loosing weight and retain the muscle mass.
4. Apple
Numerous studies have shown that if you eat apple half an hour before meals,it reduces the intake of calories, because the fibers it contains give a feeling of satiety, which means that you eat less. But the apple has other advantages. Acting as an antioxidant,it prevents metabolism disorders, such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Apple also contains pectin which binds with water and thus reduces the amount of fat that the body absorbs.
5. Red meat

Probably you can not imagine the red meat as a diet food, but the research conducted on women who ate red meat showed that they have lost more weight than those who did not eat. The reason for this is the large amount of protein contained in it that help to maintain the muscle mass, which certainly you have to keep by practicing.
6. Cinnamon
This simple and underestimated spice has the power that decomposes sugar. By consumption of ¼ to two teaspoons of cinnamon every day you can reduce your blood sugar and cholesterol for 10 to 20 %. Include this spice in any meal. Put it in cereals, tea or coffee and it will helps your body to get rid of sugar.
7. Almonds
Walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios are calorie, but also very nutritious and effective in the fight against the cholesterol and triglycerides, but they also give a lot of energy.

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