Improve your life with these Genius Body Hacks !

1. Reduce Hiccups
Hiccups occur when the “vagus or phrenic nerves are damaged or irritated”. Stimulating them will help fix them, which is this trick: drink water while plugging your ears or do the “fetal position” while standing or sitting. The tongue thing, meanwhile, is thought to ease the diaphragm spasms that result in hiccups.

2. Cool water as a yawn suppressant
Yawning is another irritating and annoying problem that we have to deal with. It’s a real inconvenience since it can be seen as a sign of boredom or disinterest. To stop yawning, slowly sip on a glass of cool water. This will refresh the body and stop the yawning for some time or stretch your body with some exercise. Yawning could be due to lack of oxygen or due to high concentration of carbon dioxide in the lungs, so you can solve this by taking a walk in the park or other place with plenty of tree.

3. Keep Your Eyes Open to Hold Back Tears
Every time you feel like crying but want to hold back the tears, just keep your eyes open without blinking. This will prevent the formation of tears. If you have already begun crying, quickly blink a couple of times to stop the flow. You can prevent crying by looking up and holding your breath. You can also distract yourself pinching the area between your index finger and thumb, or pinching the bridge of your nose. 

4. Prevent acid reflux by sleeping on the left side
Acid reflux, a condition characterized by burning sensations in the lower chest area, usually occurs after a hearty meal. If you are prone to having acid reflux, sleep on your side. This way, your stomach will be lower than the esophagus and will stop the stomach acid from going up to your throat. Refrain from sleeping on the right side. A study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology found that sleeping on the right side causes higher levels of acid and a greater acid reflux incidence, as opposed to sleeping on the left side. Another way to prevent acid reflux is to take a chewing gum after dinner if you plan on going to sleep soon after.

5. Apply acupressure to ease nausea
If have regular motion sickness while flying, or otherwise have nausea try using acupressure to relieve it The P6 (or pericardium) acupoint may help you relieve nausea. The point is between the tendons on the inner part of your wrist. To find this point, measure 3 finger-widths below the palm. Apply pressure on this point using your thumb for a couple of minutes. Repeat until you relieve the nausea.

6. Stop a tickling throat
If you feel that annoying tickling in your throat, simply scratch the back of your ear to stop it. Scratching activates the nerves located behind ear, which creates a reflex in your throat causing spasms. This will relieve the tickle in the throat.

7. Place a pencil in your mouth, anti-bad mood
A smile will make everything right again, but this is not an easy task when you are not in the mood. To eliminate the bad mood, place a pencil or pen in your mouth and soon you will feel better. Placing a pencil in your mouth activates the same muscle group used when you smile. This will trigger the brain to release serotonin and dopamine and improve your mood.

8. Stick to the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eyestrain
Everyone who works on the computers experienced eyestrain and sometimes even severe headaches. To solve this problem, follow the rule 20-20-20. For every twenty minutes you spend on the computer, spend twenty seconds looking at some object 20 feet away from you, where your eyes don’t have focus. This trick should be used regularly to prevent eyestrain. You should also blink more often to keep your eyes from drying out. Additionally it is essential to give your eyes a break from screen time.

9. The ‘pins and needles’ in our hands
When your hands stay in a compressed position for longer periods of time, they can become numb. The numbness you feel in your hands can be very uncomfortable. To eliminate this tingling sensation, just rock your head from side to side. As your hands fall asleep, the nerves become compressed. Rocking your head will loosen up the nerves and provide relief from the numbness. You can also try shaking the hand for a few seconds or massage it just enough to make your blood flow normally.

10. Reset your body clock by eating
Those who travel frequently or work in shift often have trouble falling sleep and waking up at different times than their natural body clocks is programmed. If you have this problem you can successfully manipulate your internal body clock trough your eating habits. Eating sends signals to the hypothalamus, which decides when to be awake and when should you be sleeping. By fasting for 16 hours before going on a trip you can reset your body clock.

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