Eight signals that indicate that you are under stress !

1. Headaches during the weekend
Undefined migraines and headaches during the weekend are warning that you are under stress. The sharp relaxing weekend and a “lack” of stress can trigger migraines. Experts advise that quality sleep during the work week is very important.

2. Menstrual pain
Women who are stressed have painful menses than those who are relaxed, says a study from Harvard. Scientists say that the hormone imbalance causes stress . Physical activity like going to the gym may relieve cramps and stress, because it relieves the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

3. Strange dreams
Dreams have a strong impact and depending on whether they are good or bad, can affect your mood after you wake up. Happy dreams will make you wake up in a great mood, and because of the stress you can have very strange dreams and wake up several times during the night.

4. Your gums bleed
According to a Brazilian analysis,14 studies showed that people who are stressed have higher risk of developing gum disease.

5. The acne appear unexpectedly
If you notice acne unexpectedly and painfully, the body warns you that you are under stress. The stress causes inflammation and strengthens the appearance of acne in adults.

6. Irresistible desire for sweets
Research at the University of Pennsylvania, which examined women before and after menopause,showed a slight decrease in the desire for sweets. We can not blame the hormones for our need for sweets,because scientists have shown that the stress is probably the main cause of this dependence.

7. Itchy skin
Japanese study conducted on 2,000 people showed that people who bother chronic pruritus have twice as likely to be under stress. It is logical,because such a problem certainly causes stress. But the opposite is also true – if you are under stress, your body may respond with sensitivity and itching.

8. Stomachache
Anxiety and stress can cause headaches, insomnia, and stomach pain. A study of nearly 2,000 respondents of both sexes, showed that those who are under stress are twice as likely to experience abdominal pain. But many other reasons as food allergies, lactose intolerance,ulcer etc. may occur abdominal pain.

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