7 unexpected triggers of headache

If the headache is a part of your everyday life, probably you are trying to find out what caused it. To help you, we will focus to some causes of headaches.

  1. Red Wine. Red wine and many types of cheese and alcoholic liquors contain tyramine, which causes the headache. To find out what is causing headache to you, you need to keep track with what you’ve consumed that day when you had a headache.
  2. Strong odor. The strong odor can trigger migraines in many people, whether it is pleasant or not. It probably happens because the smell stimulates the nervous system. Often a source of a strong odor is a paint, varnish, certain perfumes or flowers.
  3. Warm.When the temperature increases,it increases the risk of developing a migraine and other headaches. Studies show that for every increase in temperature with 12.7 ° C, the risk of headache increases by 7.5%.
  4. Hair Accessories. The way you wear your hair can be a cause of headache. If your hair is caught tight in tail, scalp is tightening and this can lead to headaches.
  5. Smoking. We all know that the smoking is a well-known cause of headache. It applies not only to the person who is holding the cigarette, but for everyone around him. Even if you are not a smoker, you should protect yourself from passive smoking. This will reduce the probability of unpleasant headache,which is usually on one side of the head.
  6. Bad posture. Crooked shoulders, using a chair without support,working on a monitor that is set too low or too high, keeping the earpiece of the phone between shoulder and ear, are just some of the positions which are often used by humans and cause headache. If you often have problems with headaches, note the position of your body.
  7. Irregular feeding. If you skip a meal, you may feel the headache, even before you realize that you are hungry. The reason for this is the low level of blood sugar. Do not try to satisfy hunger with chocolate. Sweet can cause a short increase in blood sugar,and then even a bigger decline.

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