Top 10 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning !!!

  1.  Proper brain function
    The lemon improves the function of the brain and the nervous system due to it’s abundance of potassium and magnesium. It also increases the level of hydration,so you will be much more focused and energetic if you consume lemons every day.
  2. Weight loss
    Lemons lead to improved digestion, detoxification, and an increased bile production, which absorbs fats and food better.
  3. Better digestion
    According to Paul Hrkal, lemon juice can prevent heartburn.It boosts the liver functioning and bile production thus improving the food digestion.
  4. pH levels balance
    When mixed with water, lemon juice produces molecules in your body which balance the pH levels. This confirmed that although they are acidic, lemons are also an alkaline food.
  5. A healthy lymphatic system
    The lemon juice replaces the lost fluids in the lymphatic system in our bodies.After the lymphatic system removes the fluid in the tissues, distributes fatty acids, and aids proper functioning of the digestive system,it can works properly only when the lemon does its job.
  6. Anti-cancer agent
    Due to the antioxidants it contains, lemon will keep your body safe from cancer. Lemons have the ability to slow the aging process, and thus decrease the chance of developing cancer cells. Lemons behave as neutralizers since they balance the acid levels that encourage cancer cell growth.
  7. Dental care
    Add a little bit of lemon juice to your toothbrush and you will feel great benefits of it. Lemons are great for maintaining a fresh breath and clean teeth.
  8. Improved mood
    Since lemons better your bodily functions in numerous ways, your energy also increases. Moreover, the abundance of vitamin C decreases fatigue and lowers the levels of stress and anxiety.
  9.  A cleaner and clearer skin
    In the opinion of Organic Facts, lemon juice is a natural antiseptic. When applied on sunburn or a bee sting, it can decrease the amount of pain and swelling significantly. Besides, the antioxidants in it are able to lower the number of blackheads and wrinkles, and lead to a healthier glow of the skin.
  10. A cure for colds
    Nutrition rich in vitamin C can decrease cold and flu symptoms.
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